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Club Status up to the 27th May

After a shaky start to the season with weather and traveller issues the club is now back to normal.  Please would all members check the draw sheets and make sure that they have their matches arranged in order to meet the play deadlines.


Captain’s Report on Matches played so far:



28th April against Bookham                          Lost    42-47

29th April against Supreme                           Draw  90-90

6th   May  against Cobham                            Won   88-68

8th   May  against Ewhurst                             Lost     56-69

16th May  against Reigate Priory                   Won    90 -89

17th May  against Carshlaton Beeches          Lost    48-81

24th May  against Imber Court                      Cancelled

26th May  against Pippbrook                         Won    72-69

27th May  against Walton on Thames           Lost     59-72



26th April against Cheam Ladies                   Lost     39-93

5th   May  against Hook & S’borough           Lost     27-31  

10th May against Cheam Fields                     Won    56-35

17th May against Ewell Village                       Won    40-21

22nd May against Epsom Court                      Lost    29-50



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