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Online Application Form

Membership Secretary:                   

Steve Little

3 Crabtree Drive, Leatherhead, KT22 8LW  Tel 07762 226124  Email


Previous bowling experience (if any, please state Club and indoor/outdoor/crown green/short mat):

  • Reductions to the full membership subscription are available for joining mid-season.

  • Full membership includes short mat bowling in the winter.

  • It is a requirement of membership that the club rules and etiquette are followed.

  • Please see our Handbook and Privacy Policy Statement which can be found on the club's website.

I am willing to help with the following club activities

Pay by online transfer to: Leatherhead Bowling Club, A/C 02181171 sort code 30 92 70 - please mark your payment with your name.  This is the club's preferred method of payment.

* Indicates a required response

* If you do not see a confirmation message after clicking send please check that you have filled in all the required responses.

Success!!Thank you for your application Steve will contact you shortly to confirm your membership

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