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Short mat bowling  


As our outdoor season draws to a close we are excited to be able to offer short mat bowling to our members.  If your are interested in trying this out contact Rob Corlett who will be happy to organise an introductory session.  Telephone Rob on 07931962748 or email him at


Roll ups will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons starting at 2:30 and there will be Friday night "Sizzler" sessions starting at 6:30pm.   On Saturday mornings we have our "wake up" roll up starting at 10:00am.   Initially there will be no extra membership charge for club members but a £2:00 roll up charge will be made to cover wear and tear etc.   If you want to join us as a short mat only bowler the membership charge is £40 for the season.


Bowling shoes are required but for roll ups it's "mufti".  For league matches and friendlies against other clubs the dress code is club top and greys.  The knockout stages of our short mat competitions are played in "mufti" but the finals at the end of the season are to be in greys with club shirts for both players and markers.


Novices trophy - for anyone new to Short Mat who has not won a short mat competition

Sets trophy - for all players

Club Championship

Drawn Pairs

Links to the  draw sheets for the 23/24 season and the competition rules will are shown below:

If you are interested in finding out more about this game here are web links to a couple of informative articles and a video from California!!:

Need to arrange a match? Click here to view a password protected list of members telephone numbers .  You'll need the gate code to access. 

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