Short mat bowling  

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As our outdoor season draws to a close we are excited to be able to offer short mat bowling to our members for the first time.  If your are interested in trying this out there is a form by the bar in the clubhouse to put your name down to express interest.  David and Sue Lokkerbol  will be holding "taster" sessions for those interested and further coaching will be available for those who want to take their game further.  Roll ups will take place on Wednesday afternoons and there will be Friday night "Sizzler" sessions.  Initially there will be no extra membership charge but a £2:00 roll up charge will be made to cover wear and tear etc.  Bowling shoes are required but for roll ups its "mufti".  Once we start playing in leagues dress code will be greys. If you think this is something you might be interested in put your name down.

Our short mat programme is now well established and supported with sessions being held on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday mornings together with the sizzler night on Fridays. If you are still waiting to try our this new game don't hesitate to come along you will be made very welcome.

As we get closer to Christmas the programme is getting a little complicated with other events taking place  at the clubhouse.  If you need to check what is happening please click on the following link:  Short Mat and Clubhouse during December

The table shows in green when the short mats will be down and available to members together with fixed sessions.

New Competitions

A novices trophy - for anyone new to Short Mat - so those players from Cobham or U3A are excluded (in future years this will be for anyone who has not won a short mat competition) 

A 2 sets trophy - for all players

If you are interested in entering please email the club or sign up in the clubhouse.

For reference here are the rules relating to short mat competitions:

Short Mat Competition Rules

If you are interested in finding our more about this game here are web links to a couple of informative articles and a video from California!!: